Magnetic Hovering Plant Stand

Magnetic Hovering Plant Stand

I've always wondered how hard it'd be to build a couple of concentric bowls such that the inner bowl would hover above the outer via magnetic repulsion. Now that I've got a 3d printer, I'm trying to construct such a beast as my first project.


Honestly, my goal is more to learn how to use the tools than to acquire this very expensive plastic doo-dad. With that said, if it really works like I hope it will, then I will be absolutely ecstatic.

I've figured out the parts that I thought would be the most difficult, but a friend of mine, Dan Funk of the Staunton Maker Space and Sartography, pointed out a few problems that have to do with the reality of working with devices that make things by growing them a thread at a time.

Based on his comments, I think I need to make the legs separate from the hulls and there's a cosmetic ring in the middle of the leg that may need to change to make things work.

The 3d printer isn't getting turned on until I'm in my new office, so this project is back-burnered for a little while.