• python

Freshnoms will remove a lot of friction (and cost) from the process that delivers food to the plate from the farm. It's being designed right now, it's sweet, you'll love it, and you'll eat better food because it exists.

Content Tracker

  • python

Content Tracker constantly collects information from google analytics, facebook, twitter, and a few other places on behalf of its users. It keeps track of stats and alerts users when their content is shared, tweeted, and linked to.

I'm part of the excellent development team that designed it, built it, and grew it from a single server to a monster cloud deployment.

If you produce content, sign up. It's the deal.

Analysis Engine

  • python

The Analysis Engine is a distributed, massively scalable RESTful web crawler married to a huge bank of proxy servers and a super-extensible data processing pipeline.

I helped design it and build it.

Perimeter Comps

Perimeter Comps was my foray into the world of start-ups. It produced beautiful, typeset reports detailing the various factors influencing the price of a home for a handful of areas where I was able to get data.

It was an impressive system for making real estate investors smarter. It went online in 2008. Enough said.

It may live again as a tensor flow baby.


  • python
  • ansible

Corrigible keeps you from copying and pasting snippets of ansible yaml files and generally makes ansible a bit easier to work with.

It's a side project that addressed some deployment issues the team I work with was having. We use it every day.


SHUTi is a framework for delivering therapy to patients in a browser.

I optimized SHUTi's existing codebase and made it run thousands of times faster. Then I automated the deployment process to reduce the time to bring up a new server from 18 hours to under 3 minutes. I also wrangled several codebases that had diverged due to cosmetic reasons into a single, manageable one that could be themed to tweak each installation as needed.

It was a neat project to work on.


  • ruby
  • open source

Sadie is a data layer abstraction that presents itself for common usage as a key/value server. It was the data processing engine for Perimeter Comps.

The interesting thing about Sadie is that there's a mechanism for telling the system how to define a key, should the value not be found in storage, reversing the typical flow of a data-processing pipeline from define-then-fetch to define-only-on-fetch.

Rockingham County GIS

The Rockingham County GIS system is one of a number of web-based GIS applications that Terralogic created and maintained.

I actually created the first version of the Rockingham site, which is why I chose it as the one out of several projects to include in the projects list, but there are a couple of notable others including:

  • UFO mapper: a fun demo app mapping 30 years of ufo sighting across the US with a Star Trek -style interface
  • Forestrim: a mapping tool for the Virginia Dept. of Forestry with javascript-based drawing tools and instant map creation.



Bearbean was an interesting project to put a web interface on a network of cameras in a daycare center to let parents browse pictures of their children.

There was a fair amount of hardware and systems work that went into this project, but the bulk of my involvement with this project involved the interface around the users and the pictures of the kids. It was my first significant javascript effort.

Virginia Internet Express

Net Express

This was a trial-by-fire. I was handed a pile of cool hardware and instructed to figure out how to build an ISP (internet service provider).

This project was my first work experience with Linux system administration and had me configuring DNS, webservers, and mail servers while learning the ins-and-outs of routers, switches, CSU/DSUs and modem banks.