My squeaky wheel story

Posted on Feb 26, 2015 at 12:30AM

While cleaning up the still-too-big pile of boxes from our move a year and a half ago, I ran across a few funny emails that I had printed. I had thought they were lost when I messed up and let my old emails get irreparably deleted a few years back, so I was very happy to see them again.

The scenario is as follows:

  • I had somehow been made aware of an erroneous entry on my credit report. I don't remember exactly how this happend, but I had gone to the Transunion website and followed whatever procedure it indicated was required to clear up the matter. The website said they'd take care of it within 30 days. I never heard from them and, frankly, my credit report wasn't (and still isn't...soo glad my wife thinks differently about such things) first and foremost on my mind, so I didn't think about it again until...

  • I applied for credit to buy a shiny red garden tractor and was told that I would not qualify because of this apparently unhandled and bogus blemish on my credit history.

  • My wife ended up putting the loan in her name and everything was fine.

  • I wanted to make sure that this problem went away once and for all so as not to have continuing problems.

  • I decided to collect a bunch of transunion emails and email them often until they took care of my problem.

The scenario now related, here are the emails:

That was sent late in the day on Monday. So, at 8 am when I got to work the next day, I figured it'd been a while since they'd heard from me--and I'd not heard from them--so I fired off another:

Tsk. tsk. I sound a little snarky in this one.

Funny this is, I remember thinking I was just a couple emails in on a multi-week, several-emails-a-day endeavor. I wasn't planning to spend much time on these emails.

So, the next email ends up being sort of train-of-conciousness style:

I can't remember the guys's name, but was, according to the convention that all the rest of the emails I found adhered to, the email address of the CEO of Transunion. I was punting.

It worked. I sent the CEO of Transunion a limerick at 10:52 in the morning and within a couple of hours, someone called (I was at lunch with my wife) who confirmed she was calling because of "some emails that were sent". I'm not sure if she was talking about my emails or the subsequent emails from the CEO, but she fixed the problem while I was on the phone.

To be sure I didn't leave anyone hanging with no closure on the situation, I sent a final email when I got back from lunch:

My wife and I have giggled about this from time to time ever since. She often tells me I should "email a limerick to the CEO."

I supposed I could try to spin some sort of lesson out of this, but it's not really something that I feel like I've repeated in the years that followed. I will say, though, that I had come to believe that these emails were lost and, when I found them on paper, I was absolutely elated.

The lesson is probably more of a have-multiple-backup strategies, not be-a-huge-pain-in-the-ass to CEOs.