Trying Focus Writer

Posted on Jan 11, 2015 at 07:13AM

I have 3 monitors, so I’m not sure it’s the same for me as it would be for the typical laptop user.

With that said, I think I actually do like writing free-form text this way. There’s something almost zen-like about crafting text with no chrome or any clutter at all. @mediafile.description

I was able to create my own theme fairly quickly which got me a custom background that kinda looks like scrap paper, a font I’m very comfortable reading, and colors that make the text neither difficult nor tiresome to read.

Now, three paragraphs in, I’ve found the focused-text feature that fades all text except for the paragraph in which you’re currently working. It can be made to highlight just a line or a three as well, but I tend to work a paragraph at a time, so this is, quite honestly, perfect for keeping my eyes focused on the topic at hand.


It’s not the notebook in my hand that I drop back to when I’m really thinking, but it shares with my notebook the simple interface that keeps my attention from straying off-task.

FocusWriter is now added to my favorites. I’m sold.